Greetings from Kelly

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We’ve Moved!

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here! Unfortunately, we’re not anymore. We’ve moved somewhere else and would love if you joined us on our new and improved website.

Why the change?

I’m glad you asked. When this blog was first established, it was created with just my name, hence the url But as it began to evolve and grow, a new brand surfaced, Greetings From Kelly. The blog name became my calling card, and people began looking for me there, but I was nowhere to be found! (Whoops!) So I decided it was best if we took this show on the road (both literally and figuratively, sometimes) and grab a website that better encompassed the brand.

What’s different?

Nothing! All the same content, with a new home. I’m dishing up the same weekend itineraries, the same travel guides, and the same helpful tips to make your travel goals more attainable than ever before.

Ready to make the leap? Awesome! Head on over to my new page: