New guy, huh? Welcome! Here’s what you should know about me…

You’ve made it this far, so by now you’ve probably noticed that my blog isn’t about exotic vacations to far off destinations that can only be dreamed of.  It’s not filled with flawless models on sandy beaches gazing into the sunset.  It’s not about straw huts that are built right into the ocean (but how cool are those, right!?)  There won’t be any of that here.  We are real.

This blog is me.  It’s my Husband.  There’s probably a dog running around somewhere, too.  It’s us, driving in my Corolla (or a slightly newer, but equally luxurious rental Corolla) driving down the open road, exploring places off the beaten path, and learning about the history of the world from the very places it happened.  It’s a couple of average people passionate about the National Parks, and about Exploring Hometowns, and about seeing the world without blowing our entire life’s savings. We’re here to help you, the one with the life that you’ve built from the ground up.  The one who can’t just pack up and disappear for three months.  The one who wants to work hard but wants to reward that hard work with a much-deserved vacation.  This blog is for the real travelers.

That’s you, right?  I mean, you’re still reading this, so I’ll take that as a yes.  So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what you need to know about us:

Mammoth Cave Entrance

My Husband, Jason, and I are on a quest to see all 61 National Parks.  We caught the bug when we visited our second National Park together and said, “Hey, this is kind of cool, right?  We should do more of this.”

Our second National Park was Yosemite. (And the first was the Grand Canyon…)  It was more than kind of cool, it was life changing.  Once we had Yosemite in our veins, it was impossible not to dream of what other wonders awaited us with the National Parks.  In total, we’ve been to nine National Parks, and have no intentions of slowing down.  Check out this post about our latest Park visit!

In addition to “the big ones” we also love paying homage to the little guys.  The National Monuments, the National Riverways, the National Historic Sites.  The ones that still bear the “National Parks Service” emblem, but are often overlooked.  The ones that can unlock the history that’s hiding right in your own backyard.  There are hundreds of those (400-something by now, right?) and we visit any and all of them that we come across on our travels, too!


One other completely crazy thing about me that we should get out of the way now before we get to know each other too well: I knit.  A lot. 

I have been knitting since high school.  I was knitting when people told me I looked like a grandma.  I knit through the horrible days when I didn’t know how to block clothing and wore it anyways.  I knit through tough times living alone in a strange cities.  No matter where I was in life, I knit.  I love knitting so much that in August of 2018 when we got married, I knit our flowers. 

I got the crazy idea that it would be cool to knit hundreds (thousands?) of small flowers and piece them together, one by one, into bouquets for my bridesmaids and myself.  I wanted to quit so many times, but was driven by my ambitions.  I am determined to a fault, and once I start something I could never stop, no matter how sick I am of knitting the same flower pattern over and over again.  I don’t quit!

To summarize: Dogs. Knitting. National Parks. Coffee. Wine. Hiking. Cozy Things. And sometimes Photography. That’s me in a nutshell.

I love to explore new places, but I also love to work with entrepreneurs, families, happy people, and other creative collaborators.  Jump on over here to drop me a line.  Can’t wait to learn more about you!