How to Make a Weekend Trip to Las Vegas Happen! (Plus a Downloadable 2-Day Itinerary for Your Next Trip!)

It seems like now'a'days everyone is focused on creating Trip Itineraries for Long weekends. And sure, you'll definitely benefit from adding an extra day to your weekend, but what about all those other weekends that are only two days long? Are you just supposed to sit at home and watch Netflix and Meal Prep? For some of them, sure. But just because you've only got two days, that doesn't mean you can't spend it traveling! Even on a trip that makes you hop on a plane!

Greetings from Las Vegas! (Free Download Inside!)

Here are the highlights from our most recent trip, along with any important information you might need to include theses stops on your next trip to Las Vegas. I put those extra special tips in bold letters so you can find them again later!