Visiting a Route 66 Landmark: What you Need to Know About Visiting the Meteor Crater in Winslow, Arizona

I hadn't heard of the Meteor Crater in Arizona until we had hit the road on Route 66. But that's the beauty of the Mother Road, there are so many friendly faces and fellow explorers, that sometimes you learn about things as you go. The Meteor Crater was one of those, but it is an awesome thing to see, and definitely worthy of being considered a Route 66 Landmark.

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Wigwam Village #7 in Rialto, California

With the other two Wigwam Villages, the itinerary is obvious because of their proximity to National Parks. With the Wigwam Village #7 in Rialto, California, the itinerary might not be so obvious, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do while you're there. Here's everything you need to know when visiting the Wigwam Village in Rialto, California!